Çuhadaroğlu Focuses on Digitalization with BIM system!

BIM contains all information required by designers and users to place objects into their projects. In general sense, a BIM object involves technical information, materials, colors, finishes, geometries, certification materials, producer company links and commercial information.

BIM symbolizes a strategic opportunity and competitive advantage towards the competitors in the sector. In world market, architects and engineers try to choose products and materials not only for their aesthetic and functional characteristics, but also for easy access and availability of useful information related to such characteristics. The demand in this modeling is increasing more in the public and private sector each and every day.

Within the scope of this modeling, we, as Çuhadaroğlu, have agreed with BIMobject® digital platform, which provides high-quality 3D modeling service and CAD file conversion to create a smart and high-quality BIM object through its 14 different branches around the world. You can visit the website bimobject.com to review our system data under interal brand.

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